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The Difference a Smart Home Company & Customization Makes

Is It Time to Create the Smart Home of Your Dreams?

The Difference a Smart Home Company & Customization Makes

Like most of today’s innovations, smart home automation started in someone’s imagination on the pages of novels and the big screen. From the Jetsons, a family who lives in Orbit City in 2062, to Ray Bradbury’s tales of automated homes, what was once fantasy is now a part of everyday life. As technology advances, homeowners in Lake of the Ozarks, MO, are integrating it into their residences, from smaller homes to sprawling mansions on the waterfront.

As a smart home company founded by industry veterans, 3D Smart Homes has watched the automated landscape unfold. Singular smart devices are now an integrated system that transforms every aspect of your life, from the moment you wake until you retire to bed. You could be at work, in a different time zone, or on another planet, and your integrated smart home will continue to provide comfort, enjoyment, and peace of mind. 

Let’s explore the makings of a smart home!

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Home Automation Defined

In simple terms, a home automation system offers one-touch or automated control of your home’s amenities, including lighting, climate, window coverings, TVs, music, home theaters, pools and spas, security, and more. Of course, this level of integration requires a company with extensive experience that understands the interconnectivity and the essential customization that makes a home genuinely smart.

We engineer your home to take over everyday tasks and create custom scenes that enhance daily activities. It adds a level of convenience, comfort, and entertainment that’s hard to imagine until experienced. So, what's holding people back from living a life of luxury in a smart home? Some are skeptical about technology, while others consider the cost. 

However, as with all technology, home automation systems have become more dependable and economical. 

A Personalized, Scalable System

As a design-build technology integrator, our three-phase plan ensures you receive a tailored solution that can grow as your needs change. We’ll explore the nearly limitless possibilities and determine which ones align with you and your budget. Then we set up a system that’s perfect for your current lifestyle. 

For some, that means waking up and returning home at the end of the day to a home prepared for them in advance. The shades, lighting, temperature, speakers, TV, pool, and spa have preset themselves to the perfect settings. We'll also program scenes corresponding to unique situations, such as entertaining, backyard parties, dining alfresco or eating indoors, movie nights, and moments designed for relaxation. 

Tap the corresponding icon on a touchscreen or button on a keypad, and your smart home creates the perfect atmosphere. For instance, pressing ‘Party’ could turn lights in the living room, kitchen, and patio to preset hues and temperatures. Your favorite playlists stream through the house and outdoor areas, the thermostat adjusts, and the front door unlocks. Now your home is ready to entertain!


Are you ready to explore the possibilities of smart home living? To learn more about our process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact 3D Smart Homes today. 


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