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Provide Your Clients with the Ultimate Online Gaming and Streaming, and Keep Their Data Secure


smart home offers benefits that can make potential homebuyers happier, healthier, and free to live their lifestyles. Whether your clients demand streaming ultra-high-definition movies, grooving to the music on a multi-room audio system, or adjusting motorized shades, all of it likely communicates and operates on the home network. 

Wi-Fi transceivers, routers, switches, and Ethernet cables are essential parts of a home's ecosystem. However, if the network falters, the luxury and convenience of instant access to content and control becomes troublesome. A professional home network installation accommodates high-bandwidth streams and keeps sensitive information safe and secure.

Are you looking to upgrade your Springfield, MO home builds with the flexibility, security, and faster speeds today’s clients insist on? Continue reading to learn how our expert networking team works with you during the design/build process.

How Our Process Ensures the Ultimate Smart Home Experience

Learn the Unique Steps Involved in all 3D Smart Homes Installations

How Our Process Ensures the Ultimate Smart Home Experience

As a home automation company in Springfield, MO, we’ve witnessed the tremendous transformations taking place in smart homes. From energy management to premium security features, the technology continues to evolve on a seemingly daily basis. While Savant continues to expand its luxury smart home features, it’s important to remember that the product can only be as good as the technology integrator installing it.

By 2025, over 77 million smart homes are expected to be a part of the housing market in the U.S. The increasing demand has accelerated the need for experienced, knowledgeable integrators that stay up on the latest technologies. Unfortunately, for those companies rushing into the market, it's difficult to develop their integration systems and stay abreast of changing technology simultaneously.

The result can be an inefficient process that results in unmet homeowner's expectations. Worse, lack of experience can lead to configuration errors and possible security issues.  Fortunately, there is a process that ensures an effective, efficient, and safe smart home integration.

Save Energy with Savant Home Control

Monitor and Manage Your Technology with a Smart Home Automation System

Save Energy with Savant Home Control

We’ve all been there before: We’ve left for work in a hurry and forgot to turn lights off in the home.We’ve gone on vacation only to realize our thermostats weren’t properly adjusted. Unfortunately, small mishaps like these can add up and significantly increase your electricity bill over time.

Savant smart home automationsystem offers intuitive tools to help reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage by monitoring and managingyour technology around the clock—even while you’re awayLearn how Savant makes it easy to save energy and reduce your monthly bills in Springfield, MO.

2 Reasons You Should Use a Smart Home Company Who Is HTA Certified

Working with a Smart Home Company Who Is HTA Certified Will Give You Peace of Mind

2 Reasons You Should Use a Smart Home Company Who Is HTA Certified

At 3D Smart Homes we are extremely proud to be certified as a reputable smart home company by the Home Technology Association (HTA). Many rigorous requirements must be met to be HTA certified, so when you are selecting a smart home company in Springfield, MO to work with, you’ll have added peace of mind when you choose an HTA-certified integrator.

The Home Technology Association is an unbiased third party that sets the standard high for smart home companies. This in turn empowers the customers of smart home technology by ensuring that they are working with a top-notch smart home company.

Our team of seasoned professionals at 3D Smart Homes can take you from design and installation to quality ongoing maintenance of all your smart home technology. Keep reading to learn more about what it means to be HTA certified!