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Make Your Project Successful with a Professional AV Installation

Planning for Smart Technology and AV from the Start Adds a Wow-Factor to Your Builds

Make Your Project Successful with a Professional AV Installation

More than ever before, potential homeowners are looking for properties that come already equipped with smart home technology and AV systems or the space and connections for them to bring in their own. For home builders, architects, and interior designers, this expectation puts the added pressure of navigating the smart technology and AV world on top of needing to design and build a stunning home.

When you bring in a home technology professional like 3D Smart Homes at the start of your project, we can work with your team to help you plan for integrating home technology and AV seamlessly throughout the home so that it offers homeowners reliability, high performance, and ease of use while perfectly complementing your home design. Keep reading to learn why working with a professional makes your Springfield, MO home technology or AV installation a breeze. Let’s get started.

What Can You Do with a Distributed Audio-Video System at Home?

Make the Most of Whole-Home AV with These Ideas

What Can You Do with a Distributed Audio-Video System at Home?

It’s time to start fresh and look forward to the warmer seasons ahead after a long winter. And what better way than to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility that comes with having a whole-home AV systemWhether you are looking for fun ways to change up your daily routines or preparing some social gatherings at homeinstalling a distributed audio-video system in your Springfield, MO home will take your days and nights to the next level.

2 Awesome Brands to Consider for a Home Audio/Video Installation

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with the Right AV Technology

2 Awesome Brands to Consider for a Home Audio/Video Installation

When considering an audio/video installation, there are many important aspects to think about—the technology being an important one. The equipment you use to complete your entertainment system can make or break your movie watching or music listening experience.

While there are many quality consumer-grade audio and video technologies on the market today, don’t let that trick you into thinking that any DIY AV installation will produce the picture and sound you desire. Instead, you should enlist the help of a professional like 3D Smart Homes to craft your dream home entertainment system. Not only will we recommend the best AV brands, but we will design an entertainment space that optimizes the performance of your system. Plus, we’ll make sure everything is easy to control.

If you’re considering a home entertainment upgrade, check out two brands we trust to deliver jaw-dropping video and sound for virtually any home environment. Then, contact us to start your project!

Mighty Sound and Stunning Looks from McIntosh Audio

Your Missouri Home Will Never Sound the Same After Introducing McIntosh Audio

Mighty Sound and Stunning Looks from McIntosh Audio

Famed guitarist Les Paul said McIntosh Audio makes the finest amplifier in existence and used the amplifiers on his tours. Both quality and performance were important for Paul, and undoubtedly these factors are important for you when you assemble your Springfield, MO home’s audio system.

McIntosh Audio was founded in 1949 and offers components for two-channel stereo sound systems as well as multi-channel surround sound for home theaters. The classic, iconic blue watt meter is one of the traditional features of Mcintosh equipment. The McIntosh brand continues to be made in America and is loved by audiophiles with a passion for music and audio performance.

Keep reading to learn about a few of our favorite McIntosh products and features.