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How Multi-Room Music Boosts the Value of Your Services

Homeowners Want More Entertainment. Here’s How Whole-Home Audio Satisfies Their Desires

How Multi-Room Music Boosts the Value of Your Services

Home entertainment is an essential part of a luxury home, and most homebuyers prefer to purchase a home that already has integrated entertainment features. After all, going through an extensive remodeling process can sometimes be off-putting for the average person. Whether you are a contractor or architect, installing a whole-home audio system before the walls go up sets your company up for success.

If you’re working on a residential project in Lake of the Ozarks, MO, consider adding a home audio system to make it more appealing to homeowners and more profitable for you. Read on to discover why a multi-room music system is a wise choice for your residential project.

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What is a Multi-Room Music System?

A multi-room music system is a home entertainment solution that’s integrated into multiple rooms or throughout the entire home. Choose any source – a streaming service or your own media, such as CDs, record players, or even cassette tapes – and you’ll hear your favorite songs throughout the home. Simply tap an icon on your smartphone app or smart home tablet, and you’re in complete control of the audio that floods your space. 

But nothing needs to be the same. For instance, you can play different songs in different rooms. When you host a party, play dance tunes outside, mellow jazz inside while guests enjoy cocktails, and Disney tunes in the playroom. The best part is that the entire system plays audio through premium in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to ensure you hear every beat and note with clarity. 

Hassle-Free Installation

One of the best parts about adding a home audio system to your home construction project is the hassle-free installation. There isn’t any intrusive wiring that hinders the home’s décor, because the professional AV team at 3D Smart Homes works with your company during the building process to place wires and equipment within the walls or strategic locations that are appropriate for your client’s needs. 

For instance, nearly all multi-room music systems take advantage of hidden technology (or nearly hidden). In-wall, in-ceiling, and architectural speakers blend in with the room – creating an amazing sound that immerses a listener without being obtrusive. 

Although we are happy to work on new-build projects, we also specialize in remodels and retrofits. Whether your client wants to add whole-home audio, a home theater, or an outdoor speaker system to their home, we can design and install the right AV technology and in a seamless manner.  

Boosted Home Value

When you add home entertainment features to a home, it gives you a high ROI too. In fact, due to the demand for smart home technology and home AV, you can expect an increase in the home value as most buyers prefer a home that already comes with entertainment features, including a sound system. Make your home project more appealing as well as the service you provide by working with 3D Smart Home to install a multi-room music system. 

Are you ready to add whole-home audio to your Lake of the Ozarks, MO, home project? 3D Smart Homes offers you the best home entertainment solutions with our 3D process. Get in touch today by calling us at (417) 413-4415. You can also fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.