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Explore These Ways to Save with Motorized Shades

Enhance Comfort and Convenience in Your Springfield Home

Explore These Ways to Save with Motorized Shades

A growing number of homeowners across Springfield, MO, are discovering the surprising benefits of motorized shades. Beyond simple luxury, these innovative window treatments are a practical solution for simplifying daily living. Most surprising to homeowners are the various ways motorized shades can add value to your life and help you save — whether monetary savings from improved energy efficiency, time savings from improved convenience, or saved worry with enhanced privacy. Continue reading to learn why motorized shades are quickly becoming integral to modern-day smart homes.

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Save Time with Daily Routines

Even small tasks like adjusting window treatments can take up valuable time throughout the daily hustle and bustle. Now, you can automate this routine with motorized shades. Simply schedule your shades to adjust themselves into the perfect position each hour of the day without any manual effort required. You will be surprised by how much time can be saved through this quick automation and the relief it will eliminate from the physical strain of handling hard-to-reach window treatments. 

Bonus: you can enjoy energy-boosting natural light more efficiently throughout the day!

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Your home's energy efficiency is essential, and motorized shades can be a game-changer. When paired with temperature sensors, these automatic shades will adjust to block out the intense sun, reducing air conditioning needs and lowering energy bills. These purpose-built shades also have insulating properties that enhance your home's energy efficiency and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the day. Additionally, by keeping the sun at bay, you can protect interior furnishings from prolonged UV exposure, which can cause permanent damage to furniture, flooring, and artwork.

Save Worry with Improved Privacy

When window coverings are challenging to open and close, homeowners tend to default to one setting. However, leaving your windows open throughout the day and night can create privacy and security concerns. Motorized shades, however, can be programmed to open and close at various times, making someone appear home even when the house is unoccupied. This scheduling feature improves your home's privacy and adds a layer of security to deter potential intruders. 

Every home is unique, and motorized shades allow homeowners to design window treatments to meet their preferred style. Whether you desire a minimalist look or a more traditional design, there are many materials, colors, and styles to choose from.

Is it time to install motorized shades in your Springfield, MO, home? It's a wise investment in comfort, energy savings, and security. To learn more about how motorized shades can reshape your daily routines, contact us at 3D Smart Homes. Let us help make your home smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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