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Enjoy Better Aesthetics, Comfort, and Control with Motorized Shades

Reduce power consumption and elevate your home experience with motorized window treatments

Enjoy Better Aesthetics, Comfort, and Control with Motorized Shades

While many technologies make it into smart homes, motorized shades are the one solution that every space needs. Rather than just looking pretty and blending into the background, motorized shades bring a myriad of benefits. 

From offering complete control over daylight to reducing power consumption, motorized shades enhance the in-home experience. Read on to discover how they make your home in the Lake of the Ozarks, MO, more comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. 


Increased Energy Efficiency with Photosensors

Motorized window treatments are inherently energy efficient as they allow natural daylight to enter your home. Consequently, the sun’s natural glow illuminates your home, reducing the need for artificial light sources. Modern shading systems come with solar sensors that adjust their position according to the sun. The sensors follow summer and winter modes, allowing you to make the most of sunlight throughout the year. 

In the summer mode, the shades lower when the sun is shining at its brightest, thus reducing the room temperature. On the contrary, in the winter mode, the shades open to utilize the warmth of the sun to keep your home warmer. In both cases, your climate control system cools or heats your home using much less energy, thus making your home more energy efficient. The best part? The sensors automate the shade operation, giving you a comfortable home without you even lifting a finger. 

Set According to Your Schedule and Mood 

Motorized shades can also be scheduled according to your routine. Program them to open and close at specific times of the day based on your daily activities. For instance, the shades may rise in the morning when you wake up. But when you want to relax in the evening, schedule the shades to lower before going to bed. 

Plus, using centralized control options, such as remotes, touchscreens, or mobile apps, you can also adjust the position of the shades in real time according to your mood. 

Custom Fabrics and Designs for Elevated Aesthetics

Your shades can be customized with colors, patterns, and designs of your choice, making them blend effortlessly into your home. The unique designer fabrics elevate your overall aesthetics. Plus, all the elements of motorization remain hidden from sight, giving the shades a sleek and modern style that fits into every space. 

Experience the convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency of motorized shades with 3D Smart Homes. We partner with the latest brands and offer unique solutions tailored to your needs using our 3D process. Reach out today to get started on your project. Give us a call at   (417) 413 – 4415 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.

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