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Why Smart Lighting Control Is a Must for Home Builds

Lighting Control Installation Allows Homeowners to Set Custom Light Levels and Hues for Any Occasion

Why Smart Lighting Control Is a Must for Home Builds

One thing that greatly enhances a home’s look and feel is lighting—not just light by which to see, but light that’s ideal for different occasions. After all, people do a lot in their homes: host parties, watch movies, enjoy romantic dinners… all of which require different levels and styles of light.

Homeowners can install dimmers in every room, but even these offer limited control. A smart lighting control installation allows homeowners to set specific levels and color temperatures of light anywhere in their home from the convenience of an app, wall keypad, or voice command.

If you’re a homebuilder or interior designer in the Springfield, MO area, read on to learn how smart lighting control installation can differentiate your projects and attract more affluent clients!

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The Perfect Light at the Lift of a Finger

Traditionally, homes are outfitted with banks of switches, and each switch illuminates a specific part of the home. If a homeowner is hosting a party and wants to set the mood, they would need to walk through the entire home to adjust switches and dimmers—how tedious!

Smart lighting control installation allows homeowners to create personalized light scenes that transform any room, or the entire home, at the touch of a button from a mobile app, customized wall keypad, or by voice command. What’s more, personalized light scenes can be used to elevate home décor with preset light levels and color temperatures.

More Convenience, Energy Savings and Peace of Mind

Additionally, smart lighting control installation allows homeowners to control their lights from anywhere—not just when they’re in the room they want to illuminate. For example, if the homeowner is out running errands in the evening but wants to turn on the porch and foyer lights to greet an expected guest, they can do so from the convenience of their mobile app!

Controlling lights remotely also enables homeowners to reduce energy costs. Traditional lights can’t be remotely turned off if left on by accident, but smart lighting control gives homeowners remote access to all their lighting. What’s more, homeowners can schedule their lights to turn on and off automatically so that they don’t have to worry if their lights are left on or off at any time.

Partner with 3D Smart Homes!

Springfield, Missouri homeowners are falling in love with the luxury and convenience of smart home lighting and automation. Partner with 3D Smart Homes to incorporate smart technology into your builds or designs! We specialize in home technology design, installation, and integration and can help you differentiate your projects with the technology that homeowners desire today.

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Lighting Control Installation for New Homes

Ready to learn more about smart lighting installation and other smart home control features for your projects? Contact 3D Smart Homes today! We can’t wait to work with you.