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Save Energy with Savant Home Control

Monitor and Manage Your Technology with a Smart Home Automation System

Save Energy with Savant Home Control

We’ve all been there before: We’ve left for work in a hurry and forgot to turn lights off in the home.We’ve gone on vacation only to realize our thermostats weren’t properly adjusted. Unfortunately, small mishaps like these can add up and significantly increase your electricity bill over time.

Savant smart home automationsystem offers intuitive tools to help reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage by monitoring and managingyour technology around the clock—even while you’re awayLearn how Savant makes it easy to save energy and reduce your monthly bills in Springfield, MO.

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To make your home more energy-efficient, you need to monitor how much energy you are using and which appliances and devices are using the most power. Savant makes tracking your energy usage simple with energy modules. Easily snap them into any standard breaker panel. They will transmit detailed reporting data of vital electrical loads such as appliances and outlet usage; there is no need to install bulky specialty panels. This data can be accessed from the intuitive Savant Pro app. Analyze your energy data from the user-friendly interface from anywhere in the world. Enjoy individualized load-level control and utility-grade reporting of your energy usage to manage your energy usage better and reduce your carbon footprint.


While monitoring your energy usage will give you good metrics to observe, you will need to make adjustments to your home’s energy usage to decrease your monthly bills. Using the Savant Prohome automation app, it’s easy to adjust energy loads throughout your home, shut off power to appliances when you are not at home, transfer power to a generator during an outage, and eliminate phantom energy drain from devices in standby mode.

You can also increase your energy efficiency in your home by using a lighting control system with energy-efficient lighting fixtures. LED lighting solutions use less power and emit less heat than traditional lighting fixtures.Plus, your lights can be programmed to turn off automatically when you are away from homeOccupancy sensors can also be integrated to sense when a space is empty for a certain period of time and shut off lightsThey’ll only turn back on when movement is detected.

Smart thermostats, sensors, andmotorized shades can work in tandem to reduce the strain on your HVAC system. When a room gets too warm, your temperature sensors will trigger your motorized shades to lower and keep warm sunlight out. In the winter, you can program shades to open at peak sunlight so that the sun naturally warms your spaces and keeps your heater from running all day.

 You can also schedule your thermostats to go into energy-saving mode when you are at work and remotely turn it on againfifteen minutes before you get home, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of a regulated climate without wasting energy. Best of all, this technology can be remotely managed from the same Savant Pro app that you use to monitor your energy usage and can be adjusted from anywhere.


If you’re ready to find out more about the difference Savant smart home automation system makesour team is ready to assist! Give our Savant Ambassadors a call at 417-413-4415 or fill out our contact formfor more information. 

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