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2 Awesome Brands to Consider for a Home Audio/Video Installation

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with the Right AV Technology

2 Awesome Brands to Consider for a Home Audio/Video Installation

When considering an audio/video installation, there are many important aspects to think about—the technology being an important one. The equipment you use to complete your entertainment system can make or break your movie watching or music listening experience.

While there are many quality consumer-grade audio and video technologies on the market today, don’t let that trick you into thinking that any DIY AV installation will produce the picture and sound you desire. Instead, you should enlist the help of a professional like 3D Smart Homes to craft your dream home entertainment system. Not only will we recommend the best AV brands, but we will design an entertainment space that optimizes the performance of your system. Plus, we’ll make sure everything is easy to control.

If you’re considering a home entertainment upgrade, check out two brands we trust to deliver jaw-dropping video and sound for virtually any home environment. Then, contact us to start your project!

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1. Sony Will Make Movies and Shows Come to Life

There are many brands to consider when choosing the right display for your audio/video installation in your home. However, Sony is at the top of the list.

If you are a movie buff then consider a Sony 4K OLED HDR TV or 4K HDR for true blacks, bright color, vivid brightness, and life-size picture. It’s also worth noting that choosing the size of your TV or projector screen will greatly depend on your home theater or media room layout, as well as your seating location.

At 3D Smart Homes, we take great pride in our excellent customer service. Our team of experts are aware of how to help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to an audio/video installation for your home. With us, what seems like an overwhelming task becomes easy.

2. Klipsch Speakers Offer a Wide Variety

When it comes to speakers, Klipsch is a top name. Klipsch offers a wide variety of high-quality speakers for different use-cases, from the home theater to the listening room and even to the backyard. Klipsch even offers perfectly compact yet powerful speakers for the home office so you can listen to concert-quality music while you work.

No matter how you want to enjoy music and audio at home, we can help you select the right solution. From wired and wireless home theater systems to rock speakers for the patio, stereo speakers for the media room, and discreet architectural speakers for whole-home audio, Klipsch offers it all.

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