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Why Your Home Needs Lighting Control This Holiday Season

Install a lighting control system to brighten up your home this season.

Why Your Home Needs Lighting Control This Holiday Season

With the Winter months upon us, bringing shorter days, having a sound lighting system in your home is critical. But beyond function, lighting is what makes our homes inviting, like the lights on your Christmas tree or traditional Hanukah lamps. The right lighting makes us feel warm and cozy, safe and secure. This is why installing a lighting control system is the best way you can give your Springfield, MO home a warm hug this winter.

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Lighting Solutions For Work and Play

These days we are working and going to school more at home than we ever have before. This makes it paramount to have a home that can emulate the environments we have in office buildings and institutions, such as the lighting. In the past, home lighting was just for creating a warm ambiance that was enough to illuminate family dinners and a good reading spot.

But now we need the quality of lighting that can imitate daylight for those long days indoors hunched over books and laptops that can easily switch to the perfect theater lighting for epic movie nights with the family. A lighting control system that lets you adjust color temperature is ideal to prep your home for any occasion.

Ambiance for a Better Home Theater Experience

No doubt the home theater goes hand in hand with lighting and automation systems. Curling up in your pajamas with your furry friend watching the hilarious shenanigans of the Griswold family makes you almost feel like you are home with your own crazy family with the perfect picture, sound system, and of course, ambient lighting. Who needs to go to the theater when you can dim the lights from your remote then program them to return to normal levels when it's time for a bathroom break? It beats stepping on scattered popcorn and sticky cola spills as you push your way to the aisle.

Superior Lighting Controls for Home Security

Floodlights used to grace the corner of homes as a deterrent for unwanted guests and curious raccoons. But home automation systems have taken home security to a new level of access and controllability that, when paired with lighting controls like the ones from Savant, can give you full visibility of every corner of your home.

Just turn on your security system from your device and trigger lighting in all those dark spaces outside and even inside your home. Away for the weekend? Turn on your security system remotely and view your security cameras. Then create lighting scenes that turn fixtures on and off throughout the day to simulate activity and deter intruders.  

Get yourself the present of home lighting controls this holiday season. Contact a Savant dealer from our contact page or call 417-413-4415.

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