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Transform Your Home with Today’s Lighting Design

Enjoy Beautiful Lighting, Intelligent Shades, and Intuitive Controls

Transform Your Home with Today’s Lighting Design

How many times a day do we flip our light switches or leave a room and forget to turn them off? From reading to preparing meals, working, and finding our way in the dark, light is the factor that makes all these activities, and so many more, possible. 

Our home's lighting, however, is much more than a functional solution. The right lighting design creates a mood for every occasion, highlights our home’s best features, and makes fine art, furnishings, and fabrics look their very best. 

At 3D Smart Homes, we use cutting-edge technology and the latest lighting design principles to illuminate homes in Springfield, MO. From relaxing to watching a movie, dining, entertaining, and exercising, one touch creates the perfect setting.

Let’s explore the nearly limitless possibilities in today’s smart lighting and how it’s transforming our clients’ everyday lives.

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Beautiful Lighting

Our team at 3D Smart Homes creates layers of light using the latest high-performance LED fixtures. These layers of ambient, accent, and task lighting create depth and intrigue. Recessed and retrofit downlights, low-profile linears, pendants, decorative fixtures, and lamps wash a room in brilliant illumination while accenting design details and focusing on artwork and architectural elements.

Today’s LED lighting also offers the opportunity to use light like an artist, choosing from millions of colors and changing them with one touch. Additionally, by pressing ‘Daylight Mode,’ your lights automatically sync with the sun, emulating daylight. Cool, while-blue hues create a space for focused attention during the day, and a soft, warm amber glow sets the stage for relaxing in the evening.

Intelligent Shades

Daylight is an integral aspect of your home’s lighting. The natural beauty of the sun streaming in a window makes a room feel bright and spacious. Unfortunately, this same sunlight can cause solar heat gain and damage to your home’s interior. Motorized shades take control of this delicate balance, opening and closing shades as the sun transitions across the sky.

Through the use of sensors and schedules, you watch your window coverings rise and lower throughout the day, creating the perfect level of natural light. The electric light responds, dimming or brightening to maintain the ideal illumination in occupied rooms.   

Intuitive Controls 

You manage your lights and shades with one touch on a user-friendly touchscreen, remote, elegant keypad, or mobile device. Tap the ‘Dining’ button, and your home creates the perfect setting with lighting that resembles candlelight in the dining area and soft lighting from an unseen source in the kitchen. Simultaneously, the shades lower for privacy.

By determining your lifestyle, dreams, and vision during the discovery phase, we ensure a customized automated solution designed with your needs in mind. It enables us to program your smart home for the activities that make up your days, creating the perfect mood and lighting for the task at hand. To learn more about our lighting design process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact 3D Smart Homes today.

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