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Everything You Need for More Outdoor Fun This Summer

Springfield, MO, homeowners can bring new dimensions to their next backyard party with SunBrite TVs and outdoor speakers from Sonance

Everything You Need for More Outdoor Fun This Summer

It may still be a bit chilly across Missouri these days, but summer is on its way, which makes this the time to get your home ready for outdoor fun. While you’re dusting off the grill and sprucing up your yard, installing an outdoor A/V system and integrating it with home automation devices is a great way to enhance your existing entertainment options.

With an outdoor TV from SunBrite and outdoor speakers from Sonance, you can watch a Cardinals baseball game or rock out to your favorite music while enjoying the summer sun and good company. Here’s everything you need to build a quality outdoor audio and video system for your Springfield, MO, home.

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SunBrite has three outdoor TV models for use in different placements and situations: The Veranda Series, Signature Series and Pro Series.

Let’s start with what all three product lines have in common. All SunBrite outdoor TVs have been hardened against rain, snow, humidity, dust and insects. Even with this degree of engineering precision, you still get a warranty covering normal use for one year with the Veranda Series models and two years with the Signature Series and Pro Series models. Finally, the exterior of all SunBrite outdoor TVs is made from powder-coated aluminum for extra durability.

However, there are important differences among SunBrite models. The Veranda Series is designed for fully-shaded areas like your patio or sunroom, while the Signature Series is best used in partial shade and the Pro Series is made to work in full sunlight.

These differences are reflected in the brightness of the displays (outdoor TVs need to be extra bright to compensate for glare). Veranda Series TVs are about 50 percent brighter than a typical home theater TV, whereas Signature Series and Pro Series models are up to three times as bright as their indoor counterparts. The Signature Series comes with a commercial-grade antiglare screen; the Pro Series screen uses the same antiglare technology while adding additional elements to offset the extra heat from its direct exposure to the sun.

In terms of picture quality, you get a 4K UHD picture with the Veranda Series and Signature Series, while the Pro Series stops at regular HD. Lastly, the operating temperature range is slightly different for each product group. The Veranda Series can handle temperatures from -24 to 104° F, with the Signature Series rated for -24 to 122° and the Pro Series having the broadest range at -40 to 122°.


Compared to outdoor TVs, Sonance’s SONARRAY line of outdoor speakers is relatively simple to explain. The SONARRAY SR1 package includes eight satellite speakers and one below-ground subwoofer, delivering stunning sound over an area up to 2,000 square-feet. You can add additional speakers and amplifiers to expand the coverage area, as one amplifier can power up to 16 speakers and two subwoofers.

A Sonance outdoor audio package offers more than the excellent sound quality the company is known for. The satellite speakers are designed to hide within your landscape so that the devices won’t interfere with your outdoor aesthetic. Similarly, the subwoofer comes with a canopy to help it hide better under your foliage.

To ensure your components aren’t damaged by weather, everything’s made with corrosion-proof composite materials and uses a triple-sealed enclosure. Extreme heat or cold won’t impact performance, as the SR1 package is rated to handle temperatures from -20 to 109° F.

If you’re ready to bring high-quality audio and video to your next outdoor event, now’s the time to get started. To learn more about outdoor A/V or our other home automation solutions, call us at (417) 413-4415 or fill out our online contact form.

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