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Outdoor Entertainment Advice You Need for the Summer

From Outdoor TVs to Correct Speaker Placement, Don’t Overlook These Tips

Outdoor Entertainment Advice You Need for the Summer

Summer is slowly but surely starting to approach Springfield, MO. Is your backyard area ready for long, sunny afternoons and evenings filled with family time? If not, we know how to take your outdoor entertainment to the next level.

Smart technology isn’t meant for just the inside of your home anymore. In this blog post, we share our three biggest tips to properly integrate smart technology throughout your backyard for the ultimate form of outdoor entertainment. Let’s get started.

What Can You Do with a Distributed Audio-Video System at Home?

Make the Most of Whole-Home AV with These Ideas

What Can You Do with a Distributed Audio-Video System at Home?

It’s time to start fresh and look forward to the warmer seasons ahead after a long winter. And what better way than to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility that comes with having a whole-home AV systemWhether you are looking for fun ways to change up your daily routines or preparing some social gatherings at homeinstalling a distributed audio-video system in your Springfield, MO home will take your days and nights to the next level.

Save Energy with Savant Home Control

Monitor and Manage Your Technology with a Smart Home Automation System

Save Energy with Savant Home Control

We’ve all been there before: We’ve left for work in a hurry and forgot to turn lights off in the home.We’ve gone on vacation only to realize our thermostats weren’t properly adjusted. Unfortunately, small mishaps like these can add up and significantly increase your electricity bill over time.

Savant smart home automationsystem offers intuitive tools to help reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage by monitoring and managingyour technology around the clock—even while you’re awayLearn how Savant makes it easy to save energy and reduce your monthly bills in Springfield, MO.

Upgrade Your Home Network Installation for Better Streaming

An Upgrade Can Handle the Demands of Modern Streaming and Ban the Buffering Message Forever

Upgrade Your Home Network Installation for Better Streaming

Your network is the essential backbone of yoursmart home, carrying security, control data, and your entertainment content. Ensuring that you have the security and bandwidth to accommodate a modern home’s need is critical—especially when it comes to streaming. 

How we view contenthas changed dramatically over the last few years.It has only been15 years since YouTube came to fame when the infamous Saturday Night Live short “Lazy Sunday” was posted. Netflix, which started as a by-mail DVD rental business, opened their streaming service in 2007, with Hulu following just a few months later.  

Today streaming content is the dominant delivery platform for television shows, original content, and a growing number of first-release movies. Hub Entertainment Research shows that the big four services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+) all experienced at least three-point growth in 2020.  

Universal acceptance of streaming content required the creation of high-speed broadband to deliver content reliably. Unfortunately, too many home network installations like the one in your Springfield, MO home are not built to maximize this content. To find out how we can help you improve your network, read more below.